Arti Soni

Yoga Wellness Instructor
I had joined NAYI last year for doing just another course of Yoga least knowing that it would turn out to be one of my life changing decisions. Here the student is not defined by what he/she is but what potentially one can achieve by making you believe in your abilities and  demonstrating the subject in such manner which seems achievable by one and all.

Neeta Mangave

Yoga at New Age Yoga has Helped me conquer my anger and anxiety completely . My life has changed forever for good. I am thinking why I didn"t do this earlier and enjoy life more.

Aruna Thakkar

student (8..15 to 9.15 a.m)
I will recommend New Age Yoga Institute to take yoga classes, as my Thyroid problem is in controll.. Thanks to the teachers who set peaceful tone through out the session.

Shrirang Chittar

student (7 to 8 )
My diabetes dose has reduced to half after regula yoga practice at New Age Yoga Institute. Teachers pay individual attention to your problem.

Mohana Dhairyawan

Student (7 to 8 )
My vertigo problem reduced remarkably after joining yoga class of New Age Yoga. Good results were seen after 3 months of regular class.

Anjali Mewada

NAYI TTC student Level 1
Had a great learning experience at NAYI. The faculty was very nice and taught the course in a very interesting and easy to understand way.

Shraddha Pradhan

Hedgewar 3:15 pm
Yoga has helped me improve my stretches, mentally also I feel peaceful and positive

Dr Rachana Desai

Hedgewar 6:30 am
Yoga has helped me improve my fitness, helps me keep active and energetic. It has also helped me be more calm and focussed. It is a very positive change

Shruti Thakkar

Hedgewar 6:30 am
Yoga has become a daily dosage, it keeps me fresh and active throughout the day. In terms of weight, seeing the numbers falling is great, It has also got positivity and change in lifestyle

Aatur Soni

Sadhana 7:30 pm
Yoga is the best thing that has happened to me. Yoga shapes not only your body but your mind too. Its a complete science and thats what I love about it

Kalyani Parui

Hedgewar 10-11am
Yoga with NAYI has helped me in my daily life routine. It keeps me active and energetic for the whole day

Nikita Parui

Hedgewar 10-11am
Yoga with NAYI has improved my lifestyle, it has made me more active and resfreshing. I have lost kilos and almost getting in shape, showing the positive side of myself.

Yamini Dalal

Hedgewar 10-11am
Got over my caffeine addition and feeling a lot less tired. I am a severe asthamatic but i have shown significant recovery.

Jayantilal Shah

Hedgewar 7-8am
Age 63yrs. I had sitting difficulty because of knee pain. Now i can sit down comfortable and this class has give me confidence. Feeling good in mind

Aruna Thakkar

Hedgewar 7-8am
The class has helped me to reduce muscle stress in final position and I am able to relax in final position, entire 1 hour my mind is 100% in class

Anuradha Chakraborty

Hedgewar 10-11am
Very effective in maintaining good health on a daily basis. Yoga here has really had a positive inspact on my mental and physical state.

Vrushali Thakur

Hedgewar 8:15am
Shavasan (Nadanusandhan) was a very relaxing and calming experience.

Kripa Iyer

Hedgewar 7-8am
Very simplistic yoga session for beginners and excellent approach to teaching. Very positive vibes and lots of attention teachers take to attend to your queries

Medha Vaidya

Hedgewar 10-11am
I feel extremely fresh and energetic after the yoga class. It has relived most of my physical and psychological problems. Teachers are very good.

Jayshree Dhere

Hedgewar 7-8am
After joining New Age Yoga Institute, my body flexibility increased a lot. I was advised not to bend forward and so i never used to do it earlier for fear of relapse of Sciatica pain. But now i am able to do twelve Surya Namskars and that is a very delighting experience. I feel fresh through out the day and can not miss my Surya Namskars even on holidays. Many many thanks to New Age Yoga Institute.

Saurabh Rane

Hedgewar 8:15am
I am very happy and proud of my decision of joining this wonderful Yoga Institute having also motivated my mother of doing the same. I feel extermely refreshed and energetic after finishing a session of yoga which one cannot normally say about other forms of exercise. I have started feeling the progress of my body and mind having joined only a month ago.

Jayashree Savla

Yoga Student 8:15-9:15 am
Improvement in flexibility, Postivity, Confidence, Thanks to teachers

Usha Mohite

Sr. Administrator
I have been doing my personal practice at NAYI and have lost 10 kgs in last 9 months


Hedgewar 8:15 am
New Age Yoga has benefiited me to reduce weight and increase energy and stamina