Our Team


Nitin Patki

Chief Executive Officer
Nitin B.Tech (IIT Madras), MMS (JBIMS), with 25 years Corporate Experience, is a Yoga Teacher and Ev  Read More

sandhya Patki

Sandhya Patki, the Principal Trainer to more than 15000 people over more than 27 years, has fused cl  Read More


Ami Joshi

Yoga Protocol Instructor
Ami is a good Yoga Instructor, currently conducting NAYI Classical and Fitness Yoga classes at the  Read More

Amisha Shah

QCI Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher
Amisha conducts a corporate class for NAYI, she is an experienced teacher with a QCI Level 2 certi  Read More

Anuradha Nichani

Yoga Teacher & Evaluator
Anuradha is an experienced and dedicated Yoga Teacher and currently a faculty for NAYI YPI and YWI  Read More

Balkrishna Zagade

Administrator, Yoga Protocol Instructor
Balkrishna is good Yoga Instructor and currently a part of NAYI Administration team. Balkrishna ha  Read More

Bhairavi Mehta

YCB Yoga Teacher and Evaluator
Bhairavi is a Yoga Teacher and Evaluator, an experienced and knowledgeable Yoga Teacher, and a suc  Read More

Dilipkumar Dave

Yoga Wellness Instructor, PG Dip Adv Yogic Sciences
Dilip is an IT professional and a dedicated Yoga sadhak and teacher. Currently Dilip is a faculty  Read More

Dr. Jasmine Shah

Yoga Wellness Instructor
Yoga Teacher With Deep Understanding Of The Subject - Human Anatomy Currently faculty for NAYI   Read More

Harshada Khanolkar

Yoga Teacher & Evaluator
Harshada is a Ministry of Ayush, Government of India certified Yoga teacher and evaluator. She is   Read More

Heena Jain

Yoga Wellness Instructor
Heena is a dedicated and sincere, certified Yoga Teacher and Evaluator, currently conducting Priva  Read More

Heena Joshi

QCI Level 2 Teacher
An Experienced Yoga Teacher Of New Age Yoga Institute  Read More

Hemangi Marathe

Member Of Academic Committee Of NAYI--- Yoga Teacher And Evaluator(YCB), Faculty For YPI,YWI And YT&E Courses
She Makes The Yoga Topic Accessible Through Experential Learning  Read More

Jaya Bagchi

Yoga Teacher & Evaluator
Jaya (MBA) is a dedicated and knowledgeable teacher, currently faculty for NAYI YPI courses  Read More

Kalyani Thakkar

YCB Yoga Teacher and Evaluator
Kalyani, a YCB Certified Yoga Teacher & Evaluator is an enterprising and energetic Yoga teacher wi  Read More

Lalita Gangal

Yoga Wellness Instructor
Lalita is a good Yoga Teacher and Naturopathist. Well Versed In Yogic Diet And Nutrition Subject  Read More

Madhavi Parkar

QCI Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher
Madhavi L.L.M, professional, is an experienced Yoga Teacher, Yoga Teacher & Evaluator and YCB Exam  Read More

Madhumita Sancheti

Yoga Wellness Instructor & PG dip in Adv Yogic Sciences
Madhu's Class Has Thoughtful Sequence That Helps One Feel Confident. Madhu is on the Advisory Boa  Read More

Nikita Shah

QCI Level 2 Teacher
Nikita is a dedicated and meticulous Teacher, with a rich experience of more than 12 years. Nikita  Read More

Pooja Janani

QCI Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher
Experienced Yoga teacher from Vile Parle, did teacher training in The Yoga institute and certified  Read More

Pratibha Patel

Yoga Teacher & Evaluator
She Is known For Her Enthusiasm And Passion For Teaching Yoga  Read More

Rachna Gupta

YCB Yoga Teacher and Evaluator
Rachna has 10 years teaching experience , Currently on Advisory Board of NAYI Workshops Courses  Read More

Ramanjit Garewal

Member Of Academic Committee Of NAYI, Yoga Teacher & Evaluator (YCB), Faculty ForYPI,YWI And YT&E Courses
His Class Always Feels Thoughtful And He Weaves Yoga Philosophy In To Each Class.  Read More

Sangeeta Agarwal

NAYI trained Fitness and Classical Yoga Teacher
Sangeeta is a trained Classical Yoga teacher with a keen interest in Yoga subject. She has a matu  Read More

Shantanu Kinjawadekar

QCI Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher
Shantanu, trained Yoga teacher from New Age Yoga Institute, his exposure to the 200 hour QCI Level  Read More

Uma Sharma

QCI Certified Level 2 Yoga Teacher and NAYI Examiner
Kharghar  Read More

Usha Mohite

Administrator for NAYI Group, Home and Teacher Training classes  Read More

Vijay Chavan

NAYI trained Fitness Yoga Instructor
Vijay Chavan, is fresh Yoga trainer from New Age Yoga Institute, but has excellent performance abi  Read More