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1. Advanced Hath Yog Session on 18th Jan 11:30 to 1:30 pm at Hedgewar Studio      2. Bhakti Yog Satsang with music at Hedgewar Studio on Sun 1st Jan 4:45 pm      3. NAYI Regimen Teacher training 5 days 15 hours course from 22nd Jan to 30th Jan     
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QCI and AYUSH certified Yoga (Teacher Training) School, led by QCI certified experienced Yoga teachers,teaching since last 23 years, with a team of more than 60 teachers, teaching at Yoga studios, Homes, Corporates, Private groups, and conducting Yoga Retreats.
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What is New in New Age Yoga ?

This is your obvious query ! Yog as the ancient philosophy with its time tested techniques cannot and need not be reinvented. There is extensive research work and practice done over centuries by Yogis of India. However over period of time the Yoga teaching techniques have refined and developed. New Age is all about using the New Age technologies like online videos, easy messaging, digitised CRM system, social media to dispense the Yoga knowledge. But principally New Age Yoga is committed to the purity of the ancient Yog Philosophy.

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Our Latest News

Latest News

The Yoga Institute Centenary Celebration

The Yoga Institute, Santacruz, the oldest organized institute of Yog, began its centenary celebrations on 25th December 2017 with a grand celebration at St Xavier's College, Mumbai. This was the place where Shri Yogendraji, Founder of the Yoga Institute, started his journey of Yoga. 

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Yoga Therapy Workshop

NAYI conducted a 5 day - 30 hour workshop on Yoga Therapy by Dr M M Gore, famous for his Anatomy & Physiology book, widely referred all over the world in different languages.
It was attended by 19 participants, and was a grand success.
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Today's Word

Today's Word

Shankh prakshalan

Shuddhi kriya - cleansing technique to cleanse large instestine also called as varisaar kriya this is an intense and effecive kriya to cleanse entire large intestine