Corporate Feedback 5

Dear Sandhya,

On the personal front, I have continued a daily 10 minute regimen including the specific Asanas and pranayama that you prescribed for me .

There are three specific benefits that I wish to highlight as a result of my adopting the 'customised' capsule that you have prescribed:

1. Prior to commencing the yoga, I was having constant aches in my shoulder and neck areas along with lower bach aches. these were basically due to constant travel with laptops. These have subsequently dissappeared due to the regimen followed by me.

2. As a result of Pranayam, my sleep cycles have improved thus reducing the stresss out feeling that I used to experience due to the nature of my Office assignment.

3. I had experienced two severe attacks of lumbago about five years back. As a result , I used to feel very anxious about my fitness especially in the lower back regions. The Yoga schedule has alleviated all such anxieties and I am feeling much more relaxed and comfortable.

I would really like to thank you for your dedicated attention provided to each of us during the course (On-Campus as well as Off-campus). Your sincere efforts really motivated us to get up early in the morning and look forward towards carrying on with the schedule spcifically prescribed for each of us.

Thanks once again and Regards

Prashant Joshi
Sr. Executive (ED'sOffice)
Tata Power

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