Corporate Feedback 4

Dear Madam,

Thanks for your mail. While I am practicing Yoga and exercising for quite a long time, I found your guidance very useful.

The point is all the Aasanas you made us work on were customized to suit our life style today.
Practicing something but with awareness certainly pays rich dividends.

I had a sleeplessness problem and other anxiety related issues resulting out of high stress at workplace.

Yastikasana and “Vajrasana with sideways neck movement” helped me ease on anxiety and cooling down fast.

Bhujangasana and Vakrasana helped me get rid of backache resulting out of bad posture at workplace.

The ultimate was Om Chanting and Pranayama. It has been extremely useful in terms of feeling energetic even at the end of a taxing day.

To sum up, daily practice of all these Asanas and Pranayam as per your workout has been quite value adding.
I am sure all those who practice their Asanas Work Out will benefit a lot.

Thanks for all the guidance. Wishing you good luck in your endeavor.


VS Sahasrabuddhey
Deputy Manager (Development)
Office of the Executive Director (PCBU & ERC),
Strategic and Business Planning Group,
Engineering Research Centre,
TATA Motors, Pimpri,
Pune – 411 007
Phone (O) – 020 413 2372

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