Dr. P.S. - Eye Surgeon - Slipped disc

2006 : Slipped Disc 90%

2007 : Steady Recovery

2009 : went for mountaineering

2011 : Continued Good Health

In her words...

It started with acute backache while bending to lift any object. Did not get much relief with belt or medicine. No proper rest so problem kept on advancing- At later could not even stand & felt Kamar to tut hi gayi (broke my back). Started feeling very negative that how will I practice at my clinic ?

Then I resorted to Yoga. First day learnt the hand excercises and Talasana. I practiced it for 2/3 days & on the whole gave me a good feeling and liked doing it.

I had to write 10 positive points everyday. I realized that there are things to think positive of, & started feeling positive about myself slowly. Later determined that I will become normal.

Still continuing since 2006, I am totally fit. Could go for a trek with my family to Pratapgadh near Mahabaleshwar; even can ride a two wheeler.