Sandhya Mulgaonkar

BSc. Banker - Acidity

I have tendency for Acidity. This lead to recurrent headache and vomiting sensation. In summer headache would be extremely unbearable, that missed office and resort to painkillers. This would keep my health better for hardly 8/10 days; and the pain would recur again..!!

Acidity can be caused by wrong diet and also by overstress. Sandhya teaches mental yoga along with physical yoga. One important concept in it is Positive thinking! I started identifying positive side in every situation, relationship and occurance. The Nispandabhava and Pranayama have been very useful in this.

After following the daily Yoga health regimen, you are so relaxed and energetic, that overcoming acidity is natural. With the steadfast practice the headache disappeared; minor backache was gone. And my mind is at peace