Case Arthritis

Mrs. Kamalini Mehta

M.B.A. (U.S.A.)

I was 53, when I developed pain in boh my knees. Pain had gradually increased to such an extent that I found it difficult to walk without a limp and sitting on the floor had become a difficult task.

I consulted an Orthopaedic doctor, who suggested me to do Yoga & assured me it wi\ould relieve my pain. True to his words, Mrs. Patki started yoga lessons very scientifically. She took care not to give exercises which would create a problem to my heart as I am a hypertensive patient.

I started with Pranayam, and then followed other exercises of my knees,legs and foot. Gradually the pain in my kneesstarted reducing. I could later sit on the floor and get up without any help.

Yoga helped me tone up my body and muscles.