Slim-4-Sure is a holistic weight management system designed to smoothlytransform you into a light and slim body. The process of transformation is natural, safe and self sustaining.

Sanjeevani Sadhana De-stressing Sessions on every 2nd Mon/Wed/Thu of the month, @ 8:30-9:30 pm at Shree Sadhana Hall, Tejpal Scheme Rd no 4, Vile Parle (E)


This is based on the Aparigraha a technique suggested in YamaYama are the restraints. They support in refraining from unhealthy habits and tendencies that are detrimental in our day to day life.

Aparigraha means non-hoarding or non-covetousness. 

Asteya is related to what belongs to others; Aparigraha is to do with one’s own. Any possession relationships/ objects/ ideas/ situations/… is for a purpose of experience. If one feels like continuing the experience with one’s possessions one is most likely to hold on to these ‘I, me, mine’ things. This not only can increase sense of possessiveness but can also bring in stagnation or limitedness.