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Sanjeevani Sadhana De-stressing Sessions on every 2nd Mon/Wed/Thu of the month, @ 8:30-9:30 pm at Shree Sadhana Hall, Tejpal Scheme Rd no 4, Vile Parle (E)

New Age Yoga Teachers

New Age Yoga teachers undergo a rigorous training to teach the students in a correct, effective manner with the New Age Yoga Videos as reference content.



About Teacher

Nakusha Awari

Nakusha has remarkably developed as a trained teacher in New Age Yoga

With the background of Gym trainer she already had the basic skills of teaching. NAY teachers training honed her skills, and with some practical experience, she is already handling Home classes and prestigious Group classes lke Juhu 07:00 am

Nakusha has a wonderful awareness level and understanding in interpersonal communications and grasps the needs of students very well

Anil Sharma

Anil Sharma is an experienced Yoga trainer

having a Masters Degree in Physical education and trained manystudents in group as well as home tuitions.

Having trained under Sandhya for New Age Yoga, Anil is well equipped to handle a group class,home tuitions and corporate yoga sessions adeptly. His Sanjeevani Sadhana class is loved by his students.

Anil's Preferred locations are Bandra to Andheri (W), (E)

Jyoti Narkar

Jyoti Narkar an experienced Yoga Teacher was teaching in Bangalore before she joined New Age Yoga Institute.

She has been systematically trained in reputed Yoga Institute and also has vast experience of teaching various types of Students.

In a short time with NAYI, Jyoti has become a popular teacher in the Shree Sadhana group classes, as well as provate tuitions.

Jyoti is a very strong asset for NAYI because of her qualities of willingness and good ability to teach Yoga. We teaches in areas of Vile Parle, Andheri and Juhu


Sandip Varde

Sandip Varde, a QCI certified Level 1 teacher, is a dedicated hard working teacher with learning attitude and has developed as a fine Yoga teacher with New Age Yoga.

Sandip has a large operation area from Borivali to Worli.

Sandip's silent but effective style is liked by his students

Kundan Makwana

Kundan is an experienced Yoga teacher trained with New Age Yoga, and now teaching for more than 4 years. Students are fond of the personal attention she is able to give to the individual needs.


Kundan conducts Home tuitions as well as Group classes at Vile Parle (E) very skillfully.


Kundan conducts Yoga Home tuitions at Vile Parle, Santacruz, Andheri

Sangeeta Agarwal

Sangeeta is a trained Classical Yoga teacher with a keen interest in Yoga subject.

Sangeeta has a mature and warm handling and methodical approach.

Sangeeta prefers to teach in Vile Parle East and West areas.

Shantanu Kinjawadekar

Shantanu, though a recently trained Yoga teacher from New Age Yoga Institute, his exposure to the 200 hour QCI Level 1 Instructor course has equipped him with the best and authentic knowledge in the field.

Shantanu, also a proficient and professional Tabla player practices and teaches Yoga to complement his music sadhana and believes they are both strongly related.

Currently Shantanu takes NAYI Yoga private classes at Vile Parle, Andheri, Juhu

Vijay Chavan


Vijay Chavan, is fresh Yoga trainer from New Age Yoga Institute, but has excellent performance abilities and good Yoga mindset.

Vijay, being an ex-professional cricketer has excellent fitness awareness, and his students are very happy with his style of teaching.

Manoj Shukla

Manoj, a QCI certified Level 1 teacher, is from a humble background in UP , however he has successfully overcome his language challenge by passionately learning and following Yoga and the teaching language.

Manoj's passionate and dedicated approach is sure to take him long way in his endeavor to become a successful Yoga teacher.

Manoj's keen interest in students' progress and passion of teaching makes him a favorite teacher with many students.

Vaishali Hazari

Vaishali is a trained Yoga teacher

She is trained as a Classical Yoga teacher and Power Yoga.


Vaishali (43) has a rich experience and has a mature and methodical approach in her teaching. Her excellent rapport building and communication with students are her strong areas.


Vaishali can teach in Andheri as well as Central and South Mumbai

Santosh Awari

Santosh is a trained Yoga teacher with rich experience in Gymnaisium training with and without weights.

Santosh's gymnasium experience helps him understand the body anatomy and guides in muscle training too, effectively.

Santosh is a popular teacher because of his deep involvement in teaching and alert attention on all students in class.

Santosh's preferred locations of training are Andheri (W), Yari Road, Lokhandwala, Juhu..

Girish Gokhale


Girishji is a senior Yoga teacher, learnt from Yoga Vidya Niketan and New Age Yoga Institute. With a corporate background, now retired, Girishji has a perfectionist's approach and a humble style of teaching. His students are usually very fond of him and do not want to discontinue learning from him.

Girishji prefers to take Home and Group classes in and around Vile Parle, Juhu.

Rajesh Tendulkar

Rajesh a multi faceted personality, has a Masters Degree in Yogic Science from a reputed institute and is experienced to conduct corporate as well as group and home tuitions. His mature handling comes as a strong trait.


While Rajesh can take Yoga sessions anywhere in the Central Suburbs, his preferred locations of training are Thane to Ghatkopar.


Usha Dapal

Usha Dapal, an enthusiastic Yoga teacher has completed teacher training course from New Age Yoga Institute

She is a biog asset for NAYI because of her presence in South Mumbai and her sincere and dedicated approach towards Yoga.

She takes group classes and private tuitions in Central and South Mumbai.

Vaishali Deole

Vaishali, a trained teacher from New Age Yoga Institute, is a mature, teacher with a soft style. She understands the student's mind set and guides them perfectly into the required techniques and lifestyle.

Vaishali operates mainly in thr Juhu and Vile Parle area.

Chhaya Jadhav


Chhaya is an excellent learner and sincere, dedicated Yoga teacher and is an example of how an simple housewife can successfully create a valuable career out of Yoga teaching. Chhaya teaches in Borivali.



Sonali Kambli

Sonali is a Bharat natyam Dance and Yoga teacher.

She has been teaching classical Yoga for students in the Mulund area of Mumbai.

A committed approach and care towards students derived from her classical dance culture is useful in Yoga teaching.

Sonali can teach students around Mulund, Thane, Vikhroli, Powai

Kinjal Shah


Sheetal Lakhani

Kinjal Shah is a trained and experienced teacher and successfully conducting prestigious Akesia Juhu Yoga class of New Age Yoga, and also J W Mariott Juhu group class.

Sheetal Lakhani is a trained Yoga teacher and has a good equation with children, being from school teaching background. She is also doing Home classes for New Age Yoga in Borivali

Sheetal Lakhani is a trained Yoga teacher and has a good equation with children, being from school teaching background. She is also doing Home classes for New Age Yoga in Borivali