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Abdominal Pranayam



  1. Sit with erect spine in any meditative posture preferably in Vajrasana.
  2. Place your palms on your shoulders such that the thumb is held backwards and the fingers forwards.
  3. Breathe in slow, steady, and without sound for about 4seconds.
  4. Then, breathe out in a same way for 4 seconds.
  5. While breathing in and out feel your upper lung tips (collar) expanding and contracting in a smooth way.
  6. That completes one breathing cycle of Upper lungtip pranayama.
  7. Repeat likewise up to maximum 10 cycles.
  8. Pranayama is a distortion in normal breathing. Therefore, take 2or 3 short breaths in between each cycle. Or else you may feel breathless.
  9. Do not hurry to open your eyes and just be with yourself for a little time.